Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freelance Mobile App Creations!

Revolvv Apps

I had the pleasure of working with a company located in Australia to create many adorable characters and assets for their mobile app games! I focused mostly on animation and character concept and development, and was able to create very unique characters for these games ^_^

Magic Princess Story
For this project I got to create 4 unique girls, 2 of which being princesses! I kept a very fantasy-like theme, pulling refs from MLP, and just using my imagination of everything girly. The game turned out really cute!

Pony Friends
I did another platform runner, but this time it was about PONIES! I'm super into MLP, so this was definitely a fun project for me. I got the opportunity to concept out 16 unique ponies, and animate them!

Baby Friends
This is a platform game featuring babies as the playable characters! I was asked to concept 8 babies (4 toddlers and 4 babies). I gave each character a different personality, and unique run cycles. This was probably my favorite project while working with them :)

Mall Princess
I was requested to create 8 unique characters for a platform running game called Mall Princess. I took the opportunity to research the style of famous celebrity girls, and turned them into anime characters! I finished this project with multiple animations, logo creation, UI/Menu assets, and background graphics.

Prom Princess
I also worked on a project featuring the same characters from Mall Princess but put into a different environment. I created backgrounds and logos for this game as well.

Tiny Pet Friends
For the first project I was assigned to do, I was requested to create 4 characters that are cute and small. I then created animations for these characters and also made parallaxed backgrounds as well. I also came up with a logo and some cute buttons for UI!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vector Art!

Trying to dish out a bit more vector arts (pieces, logos, banners, etc) made in PS and AI! Being able to create art using a wide variety of styles is definitely exciting to say the least :)

Hazel - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Baby Love B├╝tik Logo + Banner

Beauty Spot Finder Header

Mightee Mat!

Cowjira! :)

My face lol

Saturday, August 25, 2012


So throughout the years I've been dabbling a bit with realism. I like to think I'm a "varied" artist, or at least I strive to be. I'm almost completely self taught (aside from teachers always telling me, "draw what you SEE, Victoria"), I've learned a bunch on tutorials from dA. Check them out, they're some good stuff.. I'll probably link a few of my favorites a bit later.

The top will always be my most recent piece :)~

Captain Teemo ON DUTY!

Hyun-Seung from B2ST

Sunny from SNSD

Utada Hikaru

My bestfriend Sean.. lol


I have always loved anime since I was a kid (ha, I still am a kid!). Although my love for it isn't as strong anymore, that doesn't mean I still can't draw it! I don't really have a set style either, I just draw whatever I feel looks pretty/cute. I may develop one later though, who knows!

Felicity from Animal Crossing!

Valentine's Day 2014

Everything the light touches is yours

"Baby, you're my forever girl."

A quick Makoto :) view more here click!

See this and many more here!! click!

Flutter Pie :)

Avatar Korra

BaconGnight! MS tribute!

Green Princess Peach! For Alan :)

Random art for Kinyoobi Con 2010(?)

Kuma San Graphics

Kuma-san is a witty little bear that lives in your iDevice :)! He just wants all the luxuries humans get, like being able to watch movies and eating froyo, yum! It's done in an oldschool/retro pixel art style, which is just too adorbs to me~ You can get the game for free here, rawr!

In-Game Screenshots

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Emily's Fashion and Shop Graphics

I loved playing dress up as a kid, I even remember always playing with those paper dolls that came with a bunch of different dresses they could wear. Working on this app really brought back my short-lived dream of becoming a fashion designer! Play Emily's Fashion and Shop for free here, click~

Passport Collection

Mademoiselle Collection

Retro Lace Collection